All Hemp Seeds are Not the Same

Just like marijuana, hemp seeds are versatile in genetics and have a variety of options for your hemp growing endeavors.

There is great complexity when it comes to the profile of the hemp seed. Some of the staple things that are observed when dissecting the genetics of the hemp seed profile are:

  • THC levels
  • Feminization rates
  • Robustness
  • Finishing speed
  • Terpene profile
  • Average CBD or CBG oil yield

According to High Grade Hemp Seed, these are key factors that an industrial hemp investor should look into when purchasing hemp seeds. Of course, there is always a buzz going around with the latest trend with pseudoscience backing these claims but it is imperative to stick to the research that has been conducted carefully over the past years. If you don’t, you may end up with a vogue crop that fails you.

Hemp seed cultivation can be carefully conducted to produce stable and dependable genetics which is critical in the hemp industry’s success. By producing reliable and consistent strains that the consumer can comfortably commit to, the industry can establish a good relationship with the customer and average consumer.

Here are some key factors in the hemp seed genetic profile to carefully consider when investing in your industrial hemp seeds:

Hemp seeds feature cannabinoid-rich feminized seeds designed towards high CBD to THC ratios, rare terpene profiles, and high resin content.

THC Levels

There are things to carefully consider in a plant’s genetics, such as but not limited to: the crops germination rate to its harvest time, hardiness, yield, and something that is very important in the hemp plant; the THC content. Legally, for a hemp plant to be sold as hemp, the THC content must be less than 0.03% to stay within the legal limit.

Keeping the plant within the legal THC limit can be tricky because if farmers wait too long to harvest, the crop can easily rise above the legal limit. Newer hemp strains that have been developed, have been bred to grow and mature more quickly, making it easier for the farmer to stagger their harvesting.

Feminization Rates

CBD and CBG oils are desired aspects of the hemp plant, CBD being the most desired and most profitable. These oils are extracted from the flowers of the female hemp plant because male plants can only produce trace amounts of valuable resin, making it not worth undergoing the harvesting process.

Male plants are not only not valuable in the CBD and CBG oil cultivation process but they also tend to pollinate female plants which drastically lowers the female plants CBD and CBG oil yield. The main prerogative of the male hemp plant in the industrial hemp growing industry is to breed seeds. Therefore it is critical to know your feminized hemp seeds, invest in the best and keep them clear of male hemp plants.


It is essential to invest in hardy, healthy and vigorous plant seeds to produce robust hemp plants under any circumstances. The farmer doesn’t always have the ability to control the climate and other weather related events such as; drought, storms and drastic temperature fluctuations. By investing in a hemp seed that qualifies as ‘robust’ you are investing in a potentially healthy and resilient crop.

Finishing Speed

Finishing speed is paramount in the hemp growing process in places with short growing seasons like Colorado. If the hemp seed you’re purchasing has a fast finishing speed and your farm is located in a climate with a short growing season, these seeds can speed up your crop so you can care for it and nurture it to its fullest potential at a faster speed and harvest before the growing season in your area ends.

Terpene Profile

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds in the hemp plant that grab the consumers attention through the sense of smell and sometimes even the olfactory sensory if you are a marijuana paramour. Igniting these senses with the smell of flowers, fruits, and other unique aromas like coffee and even gasoline. The terpene profile of a hemp plant is dependent on it’s genetics and should be carefully considered when investing in a hemp seed, as it is vital in catching the attention of your customers.

The Secure Way to Invest in Your Perfect Genetically Profiled Hemp Seed

Hemp Benchmarks prophetically claims that seed labeling is crucial to finding the right hemp seed for your industrial crop.These labels include information pertaining to the seeds origin, the companies address, germination, test date, product name, and other important information.  Seed labeling is mostly done in good faith, though there are some labels that have been found to be falsified. There is a proper way to efficiently read a seed label and you can find the guideline here.

In conclusion, it is a tedious process picking out which hemp seed is right from your crop. By paying close attention to its genetics and understanding what is implemented in the cultivation and breeding of the variety of seed, you are executing decisive decisions in impelling towards a healthy, hardy, perfect hemp plant that will sustain a promising relationship between the industry and the clients.