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In the small, competitive global market of cannabis there are numerous places to purchase your cannabis seeds. Closely observing genetic profiles of the hemp seed, there are a few companies that strive to breed the perfect cannabis seed.

When considering investing in your cannabis crop, there are numerous attributes to contemplate while observing the genetic profile of a seed. The terpene profile is an important selling point as it is what makes the bud tingle the senses with unique aromatic delineation. The THC levels are important for both hemp and marijuana. It is important for marijuana, for obvious consumer marketing and pleasure reasoning but it may not be so obvious for hemp.

In the US, to market a cannabis bud as hemp, the THC level must be below 0.03% to be sold as hemp, not a THC bud. In Colombia, the legal limit is 1%, a remarkably higher percentage that needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing your cannabis needs from the South American country.

Some other considerations to take in the genetic profile are the feminization rate, the finishing speed, the robustness, and the CBD and CBG oil yield. These portions of the genetic profile are important to grow an efficient, healthy, and productive cannabis crop.

By paying attention to these best genetics, the cannabis grower has the ability to grow sustainable, healthy, and consistent cannabis that will build a relationship with the client by providing consistency in their product. Now understanding why genetics are important, let’s dig into what Seed City says about where to find the best genetics. 

The Best Genetics in the United States

Symbiotic Genetics

This Californian cannabis breeder company is one of the newer blooms of the business and they have excelled to high expectations and have made a name for themselves in the industry already! You can join the 151K followers on their instagram to follow the latest news on their operation. 

Jungle Boys

This Los Angeles based company has some of the most beautiful strains out there today! You can view their alluring portfolio on their instagram and also check out their clothing and accessory line at their website, Jungle Boys Clothing.

Cannatique Farms

Cannatique Farm’s saying is “High end boutique and exotic strain production” and that is exactly what it is! This company exceeds any average consumer’s expectation by cultivating the perfect breeds of seed in the cannabis industry. While you can’t buy their seeds on their site, you can check out their clothing line and stay up to date on their latest and upcoming news on their website.

The Best Genetics from Countries Outside of the United States

top countries around the world that grow the best Genetics of cannabis.

Mr. Nice Seeds

This Amsterdam based cannabis breeder is a strong leader in the industry. Breeding high quality cannabis strains. They are most known for (as of this publishing date) the following breeds: Super Silver Haze, Mango Haze, G13 Haze, and many more. You can follow their latest news on their website and check out their beautiful portfolio of their well crafted buds on their instagram.

Mephisto Genetics

This high quality cannabis seed breeder is based in Spain, a country known for their well crafted artistic ventures and this side of their culture has absolutely shined through their breeding process. They primarily produce autoflower strains. These strains are used in the infamous Raw Garden cartridges, who won the prestigious cannabis cup award in 2019. You can find some of of their work on here.

420 Fast Buds

This United Kingdom based company (that recently moved to California) is well known for their potent autoflower strains. These breeders have over a decade of reputation in cross breeding into innovative and potent cannabis strains. This company grows some of the most infamous cannabis autoflower seeds around, including: Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookie, Green Crack, Purple Lemonade Chemdawg, Stardawg, White Widow and of course, the famous Pineapple Express. You can follow their work on their website.

The Small, Competitive Global Market

There are many countries competing for lead in the cannabis global market. The latest and biggest buzz has been about Colombia. Colombia has been taking great strides towards investing in their local farmers in hopes that they will encourage these farmers to pivot their focus onto industrial hemp. While the government has yet to legalize the exportation of cannabis outside of the country for anything aside from “scientific purposes,” there are new programs being implemented with great promises in mind.

According to the USA CBD Expo, Colombia and Uruguay seem to be taking the lead in the industrial hemp side of cannabis, there are countries like Canada, the US and Australia who are investing in these cannabis companies in South America. While the market is growing faster than it ever has before, there are platforms like Investopia who warn investors to hold off on any big moves involving the cannabis industry.

Investopia speaks on how the taxation of cannabis can destabilize the current market by reflecting on price fluctuation. They offer the advice of holding off on investing large quantities of money into the cannabis industry because there are countless companies competing for dominance over the industry and in all reality, only a few will make it. It is imperative to pay attention to the small, competitive global market when keeping in mind where you should invest in the best genetics for your cannabis crop. By educating yourself on the genetic profile of the cannabis seed and finding the right strain for your expenditure, you are making smart, informed decisions on where to get the best genetics.