Unmistakeable Colombian Quality

The purest and best extracts in the world

One World Products operates a premier extraction and refinement facility, utilizing the latest in advanced machinery and offering both ethanol and CO2 extraction methods.

Our facility’s dual-technology approach harnesses the rapid processing and high-capacity benefits of solvent ethanol-based extraction, while also providing the precision and versatility of CO2 extraction. This combination leads to more efficient extraction, reduced product waste, and a safer, more environmentally friendly operation.

We produce primary products such as crude oil, distillate, and isolate, tailored to customer specifications for CBD content with a purity level approaching 99%. Our dual extraction capabilities ensure we meet diverse customer needs with precision and efficiency.

One World Products has invested greatly in the development and the relationship with the surrounding indigenous people as well as with the local farmers. By creating a self-sustaining infrastructure and economy, the local people are able to receive the genetics and seeds to grow hemp in order to resell back. To further enhance their involvement, OWP made several of the local community part of the shareholders in the company. This cooperation truly strengthens and solidifies the relationship with the community as they benefit from the new economy.

Our Philosophy

Think of us as the Supplier of Raw Plant Ingredients to Major Brands and CPG makers.

We use innovative, proprietary cannabis and hemp micro propagation techniques to cultivate stable, robust, genetically superior cannabis and hemp-derived products – year round. Product makers and brands will use these commodities as ingredients.

We are already in the cannabis business so you don’t have to be.


Making an Impact

Farmers Hired
1 %


Work With Proven Winners

The One World Products Independent Board of Directors and Management Team is a diverse portfolio of talent and experience.

The company’s senior team is dedicated and focused with years of experience in technology, the agricultural refinement industry, international trade and global finance.

Our facilities are operated by highly skilled professionals who speak close to a dozen different languages collectively and are ready to serve our customers worldwide.

Our team handles large scale orders with significant operating assets in Colombia including 31 acres, or 1.35 million square feet of land. Covered greenhouses were built specifically to cultivate high-grade cannabis and hemp, with plenty of land available for expansion.

Interested in Investing in One World Products?

If you are interested in learning more about investing in One World Products, please fill out the form and someone from our team will send you our investment deck and prospectus.

We look forward to having you as a shareholder of $OWPC.

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