One World Products is in the cannabis industry,
so you don’t have to be.

One World Products uses innovative, proprietary cannabis micropropagation techniques to cultivate stable, robust, and genetically superior hemp-derived products year-round and in accordance with GAP/GMP/EU Pharmacopoeia standards. Our products are accessible to all large-scale purchasers at the lowest possible price anywhere. Each of our 25 ICA-registered strains, with dozens more awaiting approval, are lab-tested for safety and potency before being packaged, labeled and shipped.


One World Products Inc. collaborates with our customers to create products that meet their specific requests. Customers define what hemp molecule combination they require and OWP grows the plant to fully comply with the request.

The raw plant material is then extracted and refined into oil, distillate and isolate, according to the order requirement. Customers can purchase off-the-shelf strains or define their genetic requirements and yield in advance on a contractual basis. Our products are simple and focused. We are not pushing a brand; we simply create the raw materials others use.

Through tissue culture we are able to duplicate cultivars to ensure consistency of crops and also sell tissue propagated clones to others. One World Products is one of the few licensed global seed suppliers and we supply superior, stable genetics.

CBD\THC Derivatives
Up to 99.9% Isolate

  • Crude Grade Oil
  • Distillate Grade
  • Isolate Grade

Strain Specific
Propagated Clones

  • Stable Genetics
  • Feminized Seeds
  • Auto flower Seeds

Biomass From

  • Crude Grade Oil
  • Distillate Grade
  • Isolate Grade

Our State-of-the-Art Extraction Process

  • Innovative cryo ethanol extraction technology.
  • Environmentally friendly ethanol solvent recovery (~ 95%) lowers production cost.
  • Automated processes practically eliminate human error and handle large capacity production at a faster rate.
  • Produced to customer’s requirements at the level of CBD and THC desired with close to 99% purity.
  • Water solubility is also available through Nanotechnology.

One World Products houses a state-of-the-art extraction and refinement facility in Colombia and uses advanced ethanol extraction technology over legacy methods such as CO2.

The primary products are crude oil, distillate and isolate specifically produced to customer’s requirements at the level of CBD desired with close to 99% purity. Solvent ethanol-based extraction means faster processing at higher capacity, more efficient extraction resulting in less waste of product, and it is safer for the environment and facility staff.

Our expertly grown hemp is used around the world for manufacturing textiles, paper, hemp-based concrete, composites, and to be used as biofuels and our superior quality cannabis is sold by medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries.

Our tissue-propagated clones are grown to specification or from a selection of over two dozen registered cultivars, each with unique characteristics to be sold by our customers. One World Products is one of the only licensed global seed providers for the hemp and cannabis markets, providing feminized auto-flower seeds with unbeatable stable genetics.