One World Products Currently Has All Four (4) Licenses Required By The Colombian Government For:

  • Handling Seeds
  • Commercial Cultivation
  • Production
  • Exports Of Both Hemp & Cannabis

One World Products is one of the very few companies that have secured each of the Colombian government’s four required licenses; from seed to sale, we are fully prepared to manage all aspects of planning, producing, processing and packaging customized high quality hemp and cannabis products.

“At One World Products, we are in the cannabis business so you don’t have to be.”

With our Futures Program, we will collaborate with your company to specifically plan, plant and harvest a crop of superior quality cannabis tailored to meet your needs with over 25 specific strains to choose from, all formally approved for registration with the Colombian Agriculture and Livestock Institute.

Our specially-trained lab technicians use our unique and proprietary methods of extraction to create distillates and isolates from raw plant material with nearly 99% purity. And we are able to meet specific THC and CBD percentages at our customers’ request.

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