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Terry Buffalo


Twenty-eight years of executive level management, Mr. Buffalo served in the highest tiers of corporate leadership assisting numerous companies with their bottom line. With the legalization of cannabis, Mr. Buffalo observed a tremendous need for corporate leadership and structuring in this burgeoning market and for the past seven years has been working solely in the cannabis sector. Mr. Buffalo spent one hundred percent of his time experiencing every facet of the industry and began to focus his efforts in vertical integration as the most efficient and effective business model for cannabis companies. 

Mr. Buffalo has worked as a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operating Officer for the American Cannabis Company, a OTCQB traded company (AMMJ). Currently running his own cannabis advisory company ‘Buffalo Cannabis Advisors,’ and serving as Director of One World Products, a OTCQB traded company (OWPC) he is a talented influencer working in the US and internationally. As a frequently requested speaker for a variety of industry panels, Mr. Buffalo seeks to educate audiences how to observe market trends, evaluate ramifications, review, and improve cannabis legislation, financing, banking, operations, branding and marketing. He advises corporate leadership with recommendations on acquisition targets, advises directors/executives on mergers and evaluates the long-term vision of the company. Combining the corporate world and cannabis, Mr. Buffalo has extensive hands-on experience in private and public sector engagements. He has been a three-time judge for Investor Hot Seat to raise capital in alternative investments, including agriculture, fintech, and cannabis. He has starred in multiple podcasts, panels and penned numerous articles over the past 7-years covering topics including helping clients acquire licenses, design, construct, financing, merger & acquisitions, exit strategy, operational issues and advise management to implement vertically integrated business plans. He has been featured in an article in Business Sight Magazine that highlights the Top 10 Most Remarkable Companies in 2020, describing American Cannabis Company’s (ACC) unique enterprising business structure from inception to operations and Mr. Buffalo’s leadership behind the success.

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